Wall Murals: What Type of Businesses Should Use Them?

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When it comes to your business, it’s vital to consider the methods of marketing which are likely to bring you the most success. With online marketing, social media, and more, many business owners begin to forget about the simple things. Sometimes tangible marketing can make the biggest difference when it comes to promoting a local business. Signage of all kinds can have an extremely positive impact for an organisation. Right from the start, signs offer a first impression of your business: what you do and what you uniquely offer. Beyond standard storefront signage and other common sign options, Wollongong signwriter John Hills Signs presents a wide selection of specialised products and services to choose from.
Have you considered using a wall mural for your business?

Wall Murals? Tell Me More!

Wall murals are large paintings or printed graphics, typically adorning a large, open space such as a wall or hallway. Wall murals are attractive and eye-catching, and can be placed in both interior and exterior locations. Murals have grown in popularity in recent years, as companies and groups have recognised the value that art can provide to a business or a community. Inside a business, murals create an appealing focal point, dressing up an uninspiring wall and turning it into a real conversation piece. Externally, wall murals can provide a clever bit of advertising and become a well-known fixture in your town or city.

Murals With Meaning

With the right approval and permits, your business could turn its exterior wall into a stunning piece of artwork. Murals can incorporate a variety of images and designs. These days, it is common to see exterior murals that represent the communities in which they are set. The wall mural may include popular town icons, well-known attractions, historical figures, regional wildlife, and more. If your business commissions the mural, you can subtly incorporate some of your own influence (and gentle advertising). This is a great marketing tool. Not only are you generating something beautiful and exciting for your community, but you’re giving your business some valuable exposure, drawing customers who come to check out the mural, and establishing yourself as a local fixture.

Who Can Benefit From a Mural?

It isn’t only businesses who can make use of murals. Organisations such as hospitals or government offices are choosing murals more and more to make a statement and to “liven up” their environments. Businesses, however, can utilise murals to enhance their atmosphere, get their name out there, and even to improve business. A competitive business is built on standing out, showcasing its services, and attracting more customers.

A high quality wall mural can do just that.

John Hills Signs creates digitally printed wall murals of all sizes and shapes using a range of materials and textures. Depending on the look you’re seeking, we can generate removable and repositionable murals, design a dimensional mural, or create a sleek or matte finish. Our team at John Hills can fully design your mural, creating a customised image that represents your brand and your business. Or we can work with you to bring one of your ideas to life. Wall murals don’t just belong on exterior walls, they add an unforgettable touch to reception areas, open office spaces, restaurants and cafes, schools, shops, cinemas, and so much more.
If you’d like more information on how your organisation might be able to incorporate a spectacular wall mural, get in touch with us today.

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