Transform Your Home or Business With Wall Art

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Is your home, business, or other property in need of a big change? Before you choose to sell, build an addition, or completely redecorate, we’d like to suggest a simple solution that can take your building from boring to soaring sooner than you can say John Hills Signs! We’re talking about wall art, a transformative and easy-to-install option that can give your property a vibrant and fresh new look.

Wall art by our team can be delivered in the form of wall coverings or canvas, and can be added to almost any interior wall of your home or business. Using HP Latex Printing Technology, we print the design or high resolution photograph of your choice, in the perfect size and dimensions for your wall. With vibrant colours and detailed images, your wall art will become a statement piece that garners attention. Let’s take a look at a few ways wall art can transform your property.

Create an Aesthetic

While wallpaper and interior paint are an option for adding zest to your home, a wall covering or wall canvas is a conversation starter that brings life to any room. Atmosphere and aesthetic add so much to a home environment. A children’s bedroom could soothe with soft cloud designs or their favourite cartoon characters. You could turn your living room into a zen-inspired retreat with wall art that complements your furniture and decor elements. Why not bring a bit of nature indoors with a high-quality print of one of your favourite landscape photos? You could even choose a photograph you’ve taken yourself for an added special and personal touch.

Celebrate Family

Wall art doesn’t stop with outdoor photographs and illustrated patterns: the customisation is completely up to you. Have you had a stunning family portrait taken but are not sure where to hang it? The winning image of your happy family could be printed with HP Latex Printing Technology and easily applied directly to your wall. The kids’ school pictures could be added yearly to their bedroom wall art for an exciting real-life timeline. Celebrate family with beautiful and meaningful wall art: what better way could there be to fill your home with a tribute to love and laughter?

Express Your Brand

Incorporating wall art inside your shop, office, or business lobby can be a big step in establishing brand recognition. Such a piece of artwork makes your business memorable through standing out. It also creates an immediate atmosphere when customers enter your place of business, giving them an instant impression of what you’re about and what they can expect from your organisation. Put whatever fun, professional, or sophisticated elements you’d like into your wall art design.

Be Bold

Wall art is your opportunity to take a chance. Particularly when designing for your business, you can be bold and inventive, choosing logos, designs, patterns, or other art elements that get your business the attention it deserves. With John Hills Signs, creating your own wall art is so easy. Using HP Wall Art Solution cloud software, you can design your own piece, editing and changing until you’re fully satisfied. When you’re ready, send your completed design off to us and we’ll get it printed and installed for you.

Curious to find out more about wall art and wall coverings with John Hills Signs? The leading Shoalhaven signmaker is waiting for your call.

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