Choose the Best Location for Your Banner

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Let your banner wave. Wave your banner high.

If you’ve made the smart decision to invest in a digital printed banner or banner stand for your business, you probably realised quite quickly that this is an affordable and convenient signage solution. Lightweight and easily transportable, banners represent a great way to advertise a special event, grand opening, or simply to showcase your brand.

As a well-known Nowra signwriter, John Hills Signs has created exceptional digitally printed banners and banner stands for organisations across the region. And we’ve seen firsthand how effective these can be for businesses both large and small. But these signs need smart placement to be their most beneficial.

How do you choose the best location for your banner?

Visibility is Key

Banner stands may be easier to place as these portable signs sitting at eye level are hard to miss. You can arrange them artistically in the foyer or doorway of your store, place them outside during nice weather, or use them on-the-go at conferences and expositions. Banners, however, may be a bit trickier. Getting them situated on the right level is vital, as you want to ensure they are seen by the largest number of people. If your banner is designed to attract customers from a long distance, this will factor in greatly.

Try your banner in various positions and experiment by observing it from different angles. Ideally, the banner should be visible from the direction of highest traffic, whether that be outdoor foot traffic, highway traffic, or the store’s main entrance.

If you do opt to place a banner outside, ask a few friends or acquaintances to drive or walk by your business. From their reports, you can glean whether or not your banner is immediately noticeable and whether it clearly communicates its message. Common banner text may include “Grand Opening” “Sale,” or advertise another important event. Additionally, banners can include further information or merely show off the awesome enterprise that is your business. The choice is yours. The expert team at John Hills Signs can assist you in creating the perfect, eye-catching banner design that best represents your brand and your goals.

Considering the Elements

Banners and banner stands outdoors can be highly effective in bringing in potential customers. But don’t forget that rain, wind, and even sun can wreak havoc on your signage. Choose a location that offers some support for your banner, such as stabilising it against an exterior wall. Without that, it is more likely to be caught up in passing breezes, obscuring your text. Wherever you place your banner, be sure to secure it firmly on both ends and along the center. It’s not a bad idea to plan ahead for a method to easily and quickly fix your banner should it become loose or twisted.

Also remember that sunshine can be an issue. Some colours may gradually fade after a significant amount of time in strong direct sunlight. Other signage materials may be overly reflective and cause a glare on a sunny day. We at John Hills Signs can work with you to produce a banner that will meet your needs, wherever you choose to place it.

We’d love to help you make a splash with outstanding Shoalhaven signage. Give us a call today for more details on our services.

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