A Frames

A Frames

A Frames Generate More Customers for Your Business

A Frames, sometimes known as sandwich boards or sidewalk signs, are the ideal way of advertising your businesses products, sales, menus, specials, and services. Not only are A Frames fairly inexpensive to produce, but they have tremendous versatility. Popularly seen on sidewalks in high traffic areas, A Frames can also be placed inside your store or business, or easily brought with you to trade shows and conferences. These signs are lightweight in design, and transport and storage is a breeze.

A Frames On the Sidewalk

A Frames are an ideal method of advertisement in areas of heavy foot traffic. A well-placed and attractively designed A Frame sign can pull in an impulse buyer who never planned to enter your store. A Frame signs can provide an extra nudge as potential customers pass by; if they fail to notice your storefront, perhaps a bold A frame will let them know your business is there. A Frames are a great way to get the word out about sales, offers, and special events going on at your business.

A Touch of Humour

Commonly, A Frames inform customers with details on a business–what goods are sold, what services are provided, or during what hours the store is open. A Frames can also advertise sales and special events being held at your business. Restaurants, cafes, and pubs use A Frames to let passersby know about their daily menu specials. Recently, as A Frames have grown in popularity, some businesses have taken to writing catchy slogans or cheeky puns on their A Frame signs. A touch of humour can often help identify your brand as forward-thinking and creative. Clever signs can put a smile on a customer’s face. Change your signs to suit the current situation. Rainy day? Use your A Frame sign to suggest and highlight your wide selection of umbrellas for sale!

Variety With A Frames

Here at John Hills, our A Frames can be built with a variety of features. If you’d like an A Frame whose design you can change frequently, as in the examples above, we can fit your A Frame sign with a chalkboard, marker board, or moveable lettering system. This gives you the freedom to customise your sign any way you choose. We also are happy to create an attractive, static design for your A Frame, such as a sign with your business logo in bold and bright colours. Our A Frames come in various sizes, and we can discuss these options with you, to help cater to your particular business requirements.

Unique Possibilities

A Frame signs have a place in all types of businesses. Some of the possible uses include:

  • Real Estate openings
  • Sales promotions
  • Hospitality menus
  • Specialty services
  • Exhibitions and trade-shows
  • Information Basics (hours of business, etc.)
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Food stands/food carts

As a business, we know your main goal is to attract more customers. At John Hills Signs, we will work closely with you to design and manufacture professional A Frame signs that will help set your business apart. We want to help you maximise your customer reach, and create a business brand that is unique and effective.

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