Signs for Promos and Special Events

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What’s the purpose of signage? On the roads, traffic signs provide you with necessary information such as the names of streets, where highway exits will lead, and how far it is to your destination. Billboard signs along the roadside can advertise businesses and local attractions, often succeeding at bringing in new and unexpected customers who just happened to drive by. Signage is literally all around us, but its influence is sometimes so subtle that we are left completely unaware of it.

With the significance of signage in marketing your business and helping people find you, it can seem like permanent signs, such as those directly in front of your business, are by and large the most important. Yet temporary signage, like that used for promos and special events, can deliver an impact equally as strong. And these are the types of signage that subtly influence potential customers. Promotional events and special occasions, whether business or personal, depend more heavily on strategic and proper signage than you may believe. Let’s take a look.

Getting the Word Out

Is your New South Wales business planning on hosting an upcoming promotion? Sales, clearances, and other promos are a fantastic way to boost business and increase customer traffic. For residents new to your area or those who have not previously heard of your business, a promo can serve as a way to introduce you to new potential clients. It’s important to think of signage for these events as getting the word out. You might utilise a billboard along the road or design an indoor sign as a reminder to current shoppers of your upcoming event. Fortunately, promos and special events are temporary happenings that don’t require an expensive investment in long-term signage. You might consider corflute, A-frame signs, or banner stands, all of which are very affordable and are proven to be effective when used to highlight promotions or events.

Direction and Necessary Details

Special event signage is not only about marketing the event and bringing customers to your business, it’s also about hosting a truly effective promo or event. On the day or days of your promo, you are bound to see a significant increase in customer volume. This fact alone necessitates the addition of signage particularly because many guests may not be familiar with your business or its layout. Signs for the event will include wayfinding signage that directs the flow of traffic and points customers towards specific departments, toilets, exits, and more. This can also be incredibly helpful if your event requires additional parking. Corflute wayfinding signs can be placed in the parking areas to ensure organisation and safety.

Details of the day can also be part of this special event signage. A special event may keep you and your stuff quite busy. Feel free to create signs that answer questions or provide further information about the event schedule, promotional discounts, and more. This will not only help your day run more smoothly, but will give you a greater chance of converting those hot leads into real sales.

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John Hills Signs has been handling signage for special events and promos or many years. Our team looks forward to working with you and helping you select the ideal types of signage that will make your promo or special event its most successful. Get in touch find out why we are Nowra’s favourite signwriter.

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