What’s New in the Signage Industry?

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Like all industries, signage is continually changing and evolving. Trends come and go, but genuine and lasting advancements and improvements help everyone. When signage becomes better, it is good news for the signwriter, designers, business owners, and even customers. This means clearer signs, more effective marketing, and an easier way to access the products and services you want.

At John Hills, it is important to our team to stay ahead of the game. We’re always honing our craft and keeping up to date with what’s new in the signage industry. Every year brings fresh excitement and anticipation, as we look ahead to the positive changes coming in our industry. Already, 2016 is shaping up to be a great year.

3D Printing

Technology changes from moment to moment. Advancements happen so fast, you can blink and almost miss them. 3D printing is one of those thrilling new technological advancements that seemed to emerge out of nowhere, though it has actually been around in some form since the 1970s. Researchers are still polishing this technology, but 3D printing, though in its beginning stages, is poised to change a wide range of industries. For signage, 3D printing could transform and speed up the process of generating materials, or even allow for new and innovative display options. This will definitely make waves in the design world.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is also beginning to gain steam. More than just a simple television screen displaying a photo or video, digital signage, also known as dynamic signage, has a variety of uses. Currently, digital signage is used in places that require continuous updates with information and data. Train stations, libraries, automotive dealerships, and even medical offices have been employing digital signage for various purposes. This is an effective way to update signage in real time, and allow for variety in information shared. It is likely that we will see even more innovation and increases in digital signage over the next few years, as it becomes increasingly popular and affordable.

Going Vintage

Interestingly, society’s continuous advancements into the future seem to create a nostalgia for the past. Certain types of businesses are capitalising on a vintage trend in their branding and in their signage. From hand lettering, to reusing old timber and other worn materials (which is eco-friendly), businesses are reversing the clock and adding an old world charm to their establishment. This quality is nice, as it can remind customers to slow down and be present. Coffee shops, clothing stores, and other small businesses are finding much success with vintage signage.

Simplifying Signage

By the same token, high tech signage has also seen a surge in more simplistic designs. This might involve a basic design, simple materials, or fewer pieces of information included on a sign. Sometimes, less is more, and the traditional basic storefront sign can often be a welcome sight amongst all the neon and digitalisation. It all depends on what is right for you and your business.

Interested in pursuing one of 2016’s signage trends? Or are you looking for something a little different? Get in touch with our team at John Hills today, and we’ll help design the signage that will exceed your expectations.

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