Corflute Signs

Corflute Signs
Corflute signs are very similar to corrugated fiberboard, and can be easily cut using a simple crafting knife. Corflute is a very cost-effective choice for signage material, as it is easy to produce, ship, and store. And although it is relatively inexpensive, corflute is a strong and durable material. Our corflute signs are also weatherproof–ensuring protection against the elements and guaranteeing a long-lasting display. A benefit of using these signs is they can be fitted with a variety of hooks, legs, or other attachments, to help you post your signs easily and securely.

Corflute Signs Are The Perfect Temporary Signage Solution

Corflute is a low cost signage material that can be heavily discounted when buying in bulk. This makes it the perfect choice for a supply of temporary signage that you may require. Temporary signs may include things such as election campaign signs. The economical cost of producing with this material can equip you with a very large number of signs, able to be placed on lawns, in windows, or easily held in-hand by supporters.

Corflute signs are often widely used by real estate agents promoting property for sale or for lease and trade people wishing to advertise their businesses on the sites of their previous jobs. Because of their durability and lightweight structure, corflute signs can easily be relocated and used again and again. These signs are available in a range of thickness which ensures that there is a corflute sign available for any purpose. With our signs you have a choice of 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm thickness.

A Corflute Sign for your Special Event

Not only are these signs cost-effective and lightweight, they can also be created with an attractive design. John Hills Signs prints all of our corflute signs in full colour using the latest in UV technology. This enables you to choose a lively, inviting design to attract customers or spread your message.

Special events often utilise corflute signs heavily. At a trade-show or conference, your signs can be easily transported and displayed to showcase your business. Festivals, fairs, and other special events taking place outdoors or in large venues, will be patronised by a great number of guests. It is necessary in these circumstances to post signs for parking, restrooms, to guide people to specific event locations, and more. These signs are an excellent way to erect multiple signs throughout your event site, ready for simple and easy removal when your event has finished.

A Variety of Uses For Corflute Signs

There are endless possibilities in which a corflute sign might be the ideal choice. Just a few of the common uses for corflute include:

  • Real Estate signs
  • Promotional signs
  • Construction site signs, building site signs, compliance signs
  • Tradesman site signage
  • Building site warning signs
  • Security company signs
  • Trade show display signs
  • In-store promotional
  • Safety, warning signs, First Aid signs

And there are many more.

If you’re thinking that corflute signs might be the perfect signage solution for you, give John Hills Signs a call. A signage professional will be ready to speak with you about design, printing, delivery, and pricing. John Hills Signs can customise your signage to suit all your business needs.

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