4 Elements of Excellent Signage

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Not every sign serves the same purpose. There are wayfinding signs, directory signage, signs which provide basic information, and more. But one type of sign can make or break your business: the shop front sign.

It doesn’t have to be the only sign for your business. It might be a roadside sign or a smaller sign for a conference or event. But the focus of such signage is to attract new customers to your business.

It’s easy to fall prey to mediocre signage. Most of the signage you see around your region fits into this category. But perhaps you’ve noticed that certain signs stand out time and time again. The reason is that these signs most likely capitalise on 4 elements of excellent signage. Here are 4 considerations to explore when seeking to maximise your sign’s influence and potential.

The Right Combination of Colours

Your signage should not strive to blend into the surrounding areas. Rather, it should stand out in the right way. Working with an experienced signwriter can help ensure your sign achieves just the right balance of professionalism and attention-grabbing features. Bold and bright can work well, but only when the colors complement one another and when the sign creates an overall appealing effect.

A Clear Message

Even the best sign will do your business no good if its message is not clear. A vital element of excellent signage is including words, graphics, and information that easily lets your potential customers know who you are and what you do. Typically, fewer words make a bigger impact. With your marketing team and your signage designer, you can figure out precisely what aspects will help your sign make a statement (and one that generates the results you want).

Just a Bit of Eccentricity

Sometimes, it pays to be original. The most effective and memorable signs often have an unusual or striking feature, something which makes them stand out in a crowded area. This might be a humorous message, a creative use of space, or simply an oversized sign that one can’t help but notice. The style and tone of your signage will vary greatly depending on your business or organisation, but there are ways to ensure your sign appeals to your target market. At John Hills Signs, we work closely with each and every client to determine their distinct business goals. Then, we’ll make that signage achieve them.

Proper Placement

It might go without saying, but the placement of your sign is paramount. For roadside shop signage, there are recommended heights and widths for making maximum impact. If a sign is too high, most drivers will not see it from a short distance away. Similarly, you’ll want to consider where your sign is in relation to the precise location of your business. Ideally, you are situated in an easy-to-find spot, but if not, you can make life easier for your customers by including brief directions on your sign. A customer who wants to stop and check out your business is much more likely to do so when finding your property is a breeze.

Your Turn!

Isn’t it about time your business signage was getting you the results you’re after? If you are looking to upgrade, redesign, or simply to change your signage, contact John Hills Signs today for the best signwriting services in the Shoalhaven.

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