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In Nowra, the Shoalhaven, and the wider world, it is plain to see that the game of business is full of competition. Major players often dominate, but on the local scene, small businesses have a chance to shine. But how do you ensure you take advantage of that opportunity? What can a business do to stand out and get noticed by potential customers ready to make a purchase?

One smart and savvy option is to get creative with your signage.

Marketing is KEY for attracting new clients, advertising your services, and engaging with your community. With the high-tech times we’re living in, it can seem more and more challenging to find innovative and fresh ways to make a statement. It might surprise you to realise that signs remain one of the most powerful and effective ways of spreading the word about your business, products, and services. And being creative with your signage? That is a game-changer.

Creative Designs

As Nowra signwriters, our team has dealt with designing pieces for businesses across a wide range of industries. Time and time again, we see that eye-catching, interesting designs are what stand out. Consider doing something a bit fun or unexpected with your signage. If a more upbeat sign style doesn’t work for your type of organisation, you can get inventive with sign colours, fonts, or placement, while still maintaining an appropriate tone and look. All of these factors, when done right, give you an edge over the competition. (And John Hills Signs can help you do it right.)

A Unique Approach

It isn’t all about storefront signs. We’ve got countless options that could be great for your business. Retractable banner stands are a fantastic choice for special events or to share information. High quality images can be printed on these banner stands, which are easy to move and simple to display. Banner stands give vibrancy and excitement to a traditional sign, adding a bit of dimension and appeal that you can’t help but notice. Consider using this type of signage to show off new products, advertise sales, or to do something clever such as list your company values, recent testimonials, and more.

Something New & Novel

Signs can now be printed and made in virtually all shapes and sizes. With an individualised, professional design, you could make a splash with a sign that breaks boundaries. Vehicle wraps have recently grown in popularity, as an ideal way to creatively advertise your business on the go. Vehicle wraps, which cover the entirety of your truck or other vehicle in a vivid, colourful words and images, your logo, and other info, can potentially be seen by thousands of people daily. That is a great return on investment you can’t argue with.

A wall mural is another innovative approach. If the exterior of your property has a wide open wall space, why not consider having a delightful wall mural installed? John Hills Signs can create murals of any size using first class images, words, your logo, and more. Not only will this be outstanding advertising for your business, it may even become a hotspot in your town. Wall murals are very popular and much loved. Wouldn’t you love to be the business responsible for an awesome piece of art that invigorates the Shoalhaven?

Let’s Do This!

As a Nowra signwriter, we’ve produced designs and signage for innumerable area businesses. Signage has many purposes, but above all, the most effective signs are aesthetically pleasing, well-designed, and make a statement. Does your business or organisation need new signage? Get in contact with us today to find out how the right sign can revitalise your business.

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