Choosing the Right Words for Your Signage

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When creating signage for your business, many entrepreneurs primarily focus on the design and layout of the sign. While these elements are vastly important, it is also the text on your signage which makes a massive impact on its efficacy. Choosing the right words for your signage does not have to be difficult, but with a few guidelines, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible results.

Setting the Tone

When it comes to storefront signage, or even a clever A-frame designed to pull in local foot traffic, it’s vital to remember that this sign may be the very first impression a potential customer ever has of your establishment. Right away, your signage should set the tone for what type of business you are and what the customer can expect upon entering your doors.

It is important to choose the right language to convey this message. A laid back cafe or clothing store will assume a different tone than a medical office or an accounting firm. The words chosen on your signage should keep to the level of professionalism or casualness that is in line with your business. It can be tough to be appealing and austere at the same time, so working with marketing or signage pros can often help determine the final text.

Maintaining Your Brand

Alongside tone, a necessary part of business success is consistency. Research shows time and time again that consumers are comfortable with brands they recognise and relate to. Having a strong sense of brand can ensure you reach more people who will keep coming back for more and recommend your organisation to their friends and family.

The words you select on your signage say a lot about your brand. Adjectives go a long way toward sharing detailed information (and may be most effective on a smaller A-frame sign), but claims to fame, including award and accolades, often find a place up on your storefront signage. This is a great way to modestly boast about the excellent reputation of your business.

A Clear, Concise Message

No matter the signage, perhaps the most necessary aspect of choosing the right words is to ensure they tell a clear and straightforward message. You won’t keep a potential customer’s attention for long, so you will need to reel them in quickly and emphatically, with words that cut to the chase and leave them wanting more.
Simple is often better with signage, and less is frequently more. If you’re clear and concise about what you are offering, you’ll avoid any confusion. This goes a long way towards effectively steering customers through your door.

We’re Here to Help

In short, signage success is the perfect combination of high quality, creative design, and communicative text. Why leave something as important as your organisation’s signage to chance? Call the leading Nowra signwriter today, John Hills Signs, and get your business looking its best.

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