Up in Frames – A Frame Signs Cost Effective Advertising!

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Are you letting business customers pass you by? A Frame signage is an excellent way to show your clients that you are advertising and ready to do business.

A Frame signage or Sandwich Board signage is a cost effective outdoor advertising solution that is placed on a footpath. They act as an extension of your shop front or your latest sale, promotion or menu item.

A Frame signage advertises on both sides to ensure that you are reaching traffic from both directions, they don’t allow a lot of space that is why they are ideal at getting a strong message across to people that can see it well, as they won’t stop to read every A Frame sign they see.

What do I put on my A-Frame?

When advertising it is a good idea to use the KISS methodology (Keep It Simple Stupid) and remember to use no more than 7 words.

Why? Because by using a punchy short message you can get the point across without boring your potential customers, and because A Frames don’t have a lot of room for a long message.

Draw your customer’s attentions to specials, don’t be afraid to mix up your messages every few months or weeks and if you have a point of difference or are better than your competitor at something, then put it up in an A Frame!

Work your A Frame in with your current advertising campaigns!

Whether it is a Direct mail campaign, email marketing campaign, Facebook promotion, digital advertising campaign or radio advertisement, you can reiterate your message or promotion by using you’re A Frame signage.

Customers will appreciate that the message is lining to a promotion that they have heard or seen before and as customers we are more likely to use someone or a service if we are familiar with what is on offer – subconsciously this works like “word of mouth” advertising.

Traditional Advertising is still profitable!

While digital media is prevalent and imperative in a business’s growth, there is no evidence that traditional forms of advertising such as A Frame signage is less effective to attracting consumers. By putting your money where your mouth is and letting your customers know when you have sales or promotions via A Frames you are still appealing to the traditional media clientele.

The beauty of A Frames outside of businesses is the call to action can be immediate, as a marketing tool you are asking your customer to purchase from you now, rather than later which is excellent and immediate!

As well as being an excellent sales tool, A Frame signs are a perfect way to obtain brand recognition!

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